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"Being healthy doesn't just happen. You have to make it happen everyday."
The HiT Team

Some of what you'll find inside HiT.

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Image of HiT's blood pressure details page.
Image of HiT's blood pressure add data page.
Image of HiT's blood pressure details page.
Image of HiT's blood glucose add data page.
Image of HiT's medication add data page.
"When I lost all my excuses, I found success."

An active lifestyle is more than just steps.

HiT recognizes that many of the things you do in your week include physically demanding actions that build muscle, increase stamina, and burn calories, yet are not accounted for in most activity tracking apps, such as home cleaning and maintenance, yard and garden clean up, and keeping up with your pets or children.

With HiT you don't need an activity tracking device. You can enter all your activity without ever wearing a device. If you prefer to use a Fitbit, Garmin Health or Withings Healthmate enabled fitness tracker you can sync it with HiT and enter other activities your device doesn't capture during your day to give you a truly accurate total number of calories burned.

Because HiT works with more than one brand of fitness tracker or no fitness tracker at all, you never have to miss another step due to a low battery. Plus, with HiT you never have to miss a step due to fashion. We all know that some fitness trackers look great when performing full-on exercise but when fashion counts a low profile tracker is the step counter of choice.

Currenty, HiT works with all Fitbit devices, Garmin Health devices, and devices that connect with Withings Healthmate. Stay tuned as we add more devices in the near future, including Polar activity tracking devices.

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"Each day of good health is a reward for making healthy choices."
The HiT Team

Impulse and emotion can sabotage your best nutritional intentions.

At HiT we know that fatique and feelings play a big role in food choices. This is why we've added some tools designed to help you recognize patterns in your eating behavior that may be keeping you from reaching your goals. With the help of mood emojis and the HiT hunger scale you'll soon start to recognize when and why you're making choices that may or may not be good for your health.

At the core of Hit's calorie counting feature is the ability to track your calorie intake using HiT's extensive food database that includes 1,000s of brand name foods and restaurants along with common generic foods. Or enter your own calorie and nutritient information for your favorite homemade recipes. With HiT's searchable database you can get all the calories, macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients of thousands of common foods as well as brand name foods right down the amount of added sugar and fiber count.

Yes, you can also enter all your favorite recipes into HiT. For food combinations you consume on a regular basis this is a great time saver. And you'll discover the true nutrient and calorie values of some of your favorites. This can be a real eye opener when your making healthy your lifestyle.

Dive deeper into HiT to find a graphic summary of your daily calorie intake along with macro-nutrients. Drill down to the details and you'll find micro-nutrients such as sodium, cholesterol, fiber, added sugar, vitamins and minerals, and more.

Not sure how many calories you should consume to lose, maintain, or gain weight? No worries there. Set your goal and HiT will tell you just how many calories you should eat to get there.

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"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Motivation is high when something is new...not so much when the newness turns into routine.

We recognize that starting something new is full of momentum and good intentions. Afterwhile, the newness wears off and it's hard to stay motivated. This is why we added some fresh and challenging motivational magic in HiT.

Get started by designing custom workouts using HiT's My Workouts feature. Drag and drop exercise images in place, add your sets, reps, and weights. Shuffle them around for a fresh approach. Save and print your workout to take to the fitness center or share with a personal trainer or fitness coach. We've included versions for men and women. Whether you like working on the machines or using free weights or yoga is your thing, you'll have fun creating new approaches to your workout routine. We've even included pregnancy workouts.

Next Opt-In to a challenge or two or create one and invite your friends. If you're an avid stepper you'll like HiT's step challenges. Or, Opt-In to an Active Minute challenge. Shoot some hoops, swim some laps, hop on your bicycle. However, you stay active adds up and HiT is all about what works for you.

HiT's create a challenge feature let's you set the date range, the goal, and the type of challenge. Stay motivated by inviting your friends to participate. Get notifications of how you're doing and who's joined you on your journey to a healthier you.

You can also set custom reminders in HiT to help hold yourself accountable and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle goals.

Stay up-to-date on the latest health and nutrition news with HiT's monthly newsletter. It's full of healthy recipes and fact based health information. You'll find even more great health tips, motivational videos and informative posts on HiT's in-app Timeline newsfeed.

We're right there in the trenches with you when it comes to staying motivated. With HiT, motivation abounds!

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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes it takes a team to make things work as they should.

Sharing your progress is a great way to stay motivated and work through some health challenges. Whether you're working with a personal trainer on reshaping your body or a nutritional coach to help shed some pounds or manage diabetes, or working with a heatlhcare provider, you can feel comfortable about sharing your HiT data.

You can safely share your data from any of HiT's 8 health & wellness parameters. Tracking your sleep patterns? Monitoring high blood pressure? Managing diabetes? Or, hydration due to kidney problems? You add members to your HiT Team and share as much or as little as you want.

Your personal health information is never sent via email. It stays safe and secure in HiT. Your HiT Team members get a secure portal** to see what you shared. Plus they can coach you using in-app communication.

You can also add family members and friends to your HiT Team. Great for helping a loved one who's recovering from an illness or a senior parent keep track of their medication and monitor their health or for support and motivation. Set up a HiT group and cheer each other on to success!

**HiT Team members are required to enroll in either HiT for Healthcare, HiT for Coach, or HiT for Family + Friends in order to view data you share with them. See the specific product page for more details.

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"I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions."
Stephen Covey

Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated: February 18, 2021

You have questions? We have answers.

To close your account you will need to cancel it by logging into your account in HiT then go to the My Subscription page by navigating to the left side menu or on the HiT Members Portal.*


*Note: Your HiT Subscription Portal login is the same as your HiT account login (username and password).

Canceling your account will tell us to not charge your payment method for the next month's subscription fee. You will continue to have access to your account until the end of your subscription and redeem reward points you may have accumulated. After your subscription has expired we allow 14 days for you to reconsider your cancellation. At the end of 14-days we shred all of the data you entered into your account.

WARNING: For security purposes and data storage when we shred your account the data are not recoverable.

When you cancel your account, we allow a 14-day grace period for you to reconsider your cancellation. After 14 days we shred all of the data you entered and remove your account registration from our system. We may retain your email address so that we can send you information about HiT features as we continue to improve and grow. You can unsubscribe from future emails at anytime.

WARNING: For security purposes and data storage when we shred your account the data, the account registration information and any data you've entered are not recoverable.

That depends. If you reinstate your account within 14-days of canceling by making a payment at HiT's Subscribers Portal, your data are still in your account waiting for you to jump back into HiT and keep going.

However, if you attempt to reinstate your account after 14 days, you will need to set up a new account. Meaning you have to go through the registration process again, and start over adding data to your new account. Any previously entered data will not be recovered.

To reinstate a canceled account within the 14-day grace period, login to your account at Members Portal. Make sure your payment method is current. Then click or tap ACTIVATE SUBSCRIPTION.

Although it is possible to merge two accounts, doing so can be messy and cause data overlap. For this reason, we do not offer the ability to merge two accounts.

The best thing to do is cancel one of the accounts. You can manually enter any data you had in your other account into the account you choose to keep.

NOTE: If you use a fitness tracker such as Fitbit, Garmin, or Withings, and connected your device in HiT under My Connections, the data from these are already automatically loading into your account even if you had two accounts. That is assuming you set up permissions for these devices in both of your accounts. By discontinuing one account you do not lose any of your activity data from these devices/apps.

To reinstate an account that has lapsed but has not been removed (you are in the 14-day grace period) you have several options.

  1. You can click or tap on this link HiT Subscribers Portal to login to your payments portal account. Select "ACTIVATE SUBSCRIPTION" to make a payment. After making a payment your account will be unlocked.
  2. You should have received at least one email from us regarding either making payment on a new account to set up your subscription, or asking you to reconsider if you decided to cancel. Any one of those emails will have a link that you can use to go to your members portal where you can make a payment. When you get there, select "ACTIVATE SUBSCRIPTION" to make a payment. After making a payment your account will be unlocked.
  3. On our website at, in the menu you will see a link labeled "Subscribers Portal". Click the link and enter your HiT username and password. This will take you to your subscription and payment details page. Select "ACTIVATE SUBSCRIPTION" to make a payment. After making a payment your account will be unlocked.
  4. If the options above don't fit for you, you can contact us at Tell us that you want to reinstate your account by making a payment. We'll send you a link that you can use to make a payment. Please allow at least 48 hours for us to receive and respond to your request.
NOTE: Your payment MUST be received by us before the 14-day grace period ends. The automated shredder does clean up at midnight USA Eastern Time ON the 14th day. So don't wait until the last minute. We won't be able to reinstate your account after the shredder does it's job.

To connect a Fitbit, Garmin Health, or Withings Healthmate device login into your HiT account.

  1. Open the left side menu by tapping on the arrow icon in the upper left corner of the home page.
  2. Click on My Connections
  3. Select the manufacturer of the device you want to connect.
  4. When prompted, enter your account username and password for the app that controls your device.
  5. Agree to give HiT permission to sync your data.

HiT supports Fitbit, Garmin Health, and Withings Healthmate devices including fitness trackers, body composition scales, and Withings blood pressure cuff. To gather data from all the device types for your brand we recommend that you give HiT permission to all data types available in your device's account so that data for sleep and body composition and other types of data sync directly to HiT.

It is helpful to note that because HiT is designed to connect devices by manufacturer. To connect all your devices by a specific manufacturer you need only to give HiT permission to access the account that controls your devices while giving access to all the data types for your devices.

That's all there is to it. HiT will begin pulling in data starting on the day you connect your device account.

As of February 2021, HiT no longer supports connecting with Apple Watch or Samsung Gear

As a business decision we removed HiT from the Apple and Google App stores and no longer support iOS/iPhone and Android integrations. We remade HiT to work on mobile devices via a mobile browser. This means HiT works great with fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Garmin and Withings, that provide WiFi options, but sadly does not work with devices that rely solely on your mobile phone to gather and store your data.

As of this recent update we hear that Apple Watch and Samsung Gear are working on a WiFi enabled option where your data will be available to sync with applications such as HiT via browser. If and when that happens we will reconnect with these device options.

Unfortunately, Fitbit has decided to withhold certain data from HiT. They are glad to share your step count as a summary but do not provide intraday data to HiT. This is their decision, not ours. We have asked Fitbit to provide more detailed data, however, at this time we have not been given that feature. We will continue to pursue detailed Fitbit data. If we are successful we will report as much detail as they provide.

HiT never requires external devices to track your health. You can enter your activity, how long you performed that activity and if you know the distance, for example how far you ran or walked or rode, you can add that too. HiT will calculate your calories burned using the data you enter. For some activities, such as walking, HiT will also calcuate your steps. So no device is required to track your activity in HiT. This means you also don't need a device to participate in Activity Challenges in HiT.

You also do not need a device to track sleep in HiT. You can enter these data manually as well. And if you are using a blood pressure cuff or blood glucose meter, you can enter those data into HiT manually as well.

Depending on the device you are using, you can disconnect your activity tracker as follows:

  1. While in Hit, open the left side menu by tapping or clicking on the arrow in the upper left corner.
  2. Select My Connections.
  3. Locate the device type you want to disconnect.
  4. Click on the disconnect button.

Your device's account is now disconected from HiT. WARNING: This will disconnect all device types for that account, including fitness trackers, body comp scales, and blood pressure cuffs. If your goal to to only disconnect a certain type of data from connecting with HiT, visit your device manufacturers settings page to make changes to what data you share with HiT.

You can use more than one fitness tracker with HiT provided the trackers are from different manuafacturers. For example, you can use a Fitbit fitness tracker and a Garmin or Withings fitness tracker with HiT. Simply connect all your devices via the My Connections page in your HiT account.

Keep in mind that if you wear them at the same time you will see both sets of data in HiT. Each will be labeled according to the device brand that collected the data. However, the step summary will include all step data reported from each device, which means potential double or triple counting. For this reason we recommend that you use only one fitness tracker at a time. Or use one brand for activity tracking while using another brand for body comp or sleep or blood pressure.

If your new activity tracker is by the same manufacturer as your old device you don't need to make any changes in HiT. HiT collects data via the connection provided by the device manufacturer. As long as the manufacturer recognizes your new device it should provide data from your new device to HiT.

If your new activity tracker is by a different manufacturer, for example you switch from a Fitbit device to a Garmin or Withings device, you can disconnect your old Fitbit device from HiT and connect your new Garmin or Withings device. Or, you can use them all with HiT.

See "How do I disconnect my activity tracker from my HiT account?" to disconnect your old device. See How do I connect my activity tracker to my HiT account? to connect your new device. NOTE: There is no specific order in which you need to connect or disconnect a device within HiT.

Our team at HiT has worked hard to evaluate the most popular devices and apps to integrate with HiT. At this time we support Fitbit, Garmin Health, and Withings Healthmate devices. We are considering adding Polar devices and will reconsider Apple Watch and Apple Healthkit enabled devices Samsung Health if and when a WiFi option is available.

If you have a device that is not currently integrated with HiT, contact us and let us know. If we get enough requests and the device you want to use can be integrated (this depends on the manufacturer of the device), we are happy to put it in the development queue.

Editing your data is easy in HiT. We've tried to make HiT as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

Most data elements are editable. However, some are not editable due to the complexity of updating the data, for example, in Medication, you can edit the medication name and dose size, however, start date, end date, dose frequency, and doses per frequency are not editable. In this case, should you need to revise those data you will need to delete the medication and create it again. The reason is the table created where you select which doses you took on which days is unique to the information you entered when adding a medication.

Other data elements that are NOT editable at this time include Step and Activity data provided by an activity tracker. Due to the frequency and process of the data stream, if you were to edit these data in Hit, your edits will be overwritten during the next data sync. Our team is working on options and data collection processes that will allow editing in the future, so stay tuned on this one.

To edit your data in HiT:

  1. Go into the health parameter for which you want to edit your data.
  2. Locate the row of data you want to edit.
  3. On desktop, tap or click on the pencil icon . On mobile slide the row to the left to reveal the pencil icon.
  4. In the pop-up make your desired changes.
  5. Click or tap Save or Update depending on the data you are editing.

To edit meal details and/or food items in the Nutrition parameter:

  1. Go into the details area of the nutrition parameter.
  2. Locate the meal you want to edit.
  3. On desktop, click on the pencil icon . On mobile slide the row to the left to reveal the pencil icon.
  4. Make changes as desired to the meal, if any, and then tap Save and Continue to Meal Items.
  5. Edit servings for any meal item by tapping the pencil icon or delete and item or add an item.
  6. Tap the arrow in the upper left corner to return to the Nutrition details page. Your changes save automatically.

Deleting data you entered manually into HiT is easy. We've tried to make HiT as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. The process for deleting depends on whether you are using one of the mobile versions of HiT or using the browser version.

WARNING As you may suspect, when you delete data, your data are deleted...gone...nowhere to be found. Soooo... please double check the data you are deleting in the confirmation box that pops up. Seriously!! We can't get it back for you.

To delete data in HiT:

  1. Go into the health parameter for which you want to delete your data.
  2. Click or tap the Daily Details button.
  3. Locate the row of data you want to delete.
  4. On desktop, click on the trash can icon . On mobile, slide the row to the left to reveal the trash can icon.
  5. Confirm the data you want to delete.
  6. Click Delete.

Some of the fields in the Medication parameter are not editable. Start Date and End Date, Frequency, and Doses per Frequency are not editable. The reason for this? The table created where you select which doses you took on which days is unique to the information you entered when adding a medication. Editing any of these fields would require us to delete the table created and create a new one. We thought...hmmm...would you want to have all the check marks you entered indicating you took a dose deleted when the table is removed and created anew? We opted to prevent editing on those fields for this purpose.

If what you entered for those fields is really not what you want or what it should be, you can delete the medication and add it again with the correct data.

So we went round and round about this issue. In the end we decided to not recalcuate your body composition measurements when you change one of the elements. Why? Let's say you want to edit the weight for that entry. But you don't change the body fat % or the lean mass %. Okay, now you save. When you save you send all the data in all the fields to our server. The server says, hey they want me to use all the data they sent to me, even though it doesn't add up, but hey, I'm just a computer and I'm really good at doing what I am told. So I'll store the data I received in the database the way I received it.

All kidding aside, the computer can't tell what is intended from what it receives. And we don't want to assume that what we program into the computer is what you want in those fields. If we did make that assumption, we would overwrite the data you entered intentionally. Not a good result.

But what the computer can do, is see that no data were sent for some of the fields. When that happens it looks at its programming and fills in the missing fields based on what data were sent.

As a result, the best way to edit a body-composition entry is to remove the data from the fields you don't know and let the computer do its thing.

Unfortunately, Fitbit, the company, has decided to provide HiT with only step count as a bundle via their API. We've requested intraday data so that we can report your activity as it happens during your day. For whatever reason, they've denied our requests. We will continue to appeal to them to obtain streaming data so that your HiT activity experience is the best possible.

Because of this limitation, we do not have details about when your steps actually occured. We had to make a decision on when to display your step count. Although we didn't flip a coin, or roll the dice, or throw a dart at a board, we decided on High Noon... 12 o'clock p.m. to display your data. Each time we make a call to Fitbit's API beginning at noon, we add your accumulated steps to your activity table and display it in the noon time-scope on the graphs.

We recognize that this certainly isn't ideal. And ask your patients and support as we work to appeal to the Fitbit folks on your behalf.

Ah, yes, the double counting steps dilemma. I also use more than one fitness tracker. In fact, I used three, sometimes four during development and testing. We, the HiT development team, struggled with the problem of over-representing step count when more than one fitness tracker is used.

Here is where we went with this, and why we decided to risk double, triple, or even quadruple counting of steps. Our team members are all fans of step and activity tracking. I myself use Samsung's Gear which counts steps and activities most of my day. However, at night the Gear seems a bit heavy, so for sleep I like to use my Fitbit Flex and because it is light I sometimes prefer to wear my Flex during the day rather than the Gear. Yet, because I use an Android smartphone with Samsung Health enabled, when I carry my phone it too is counting steps. And to make things even more complicated I prefer to use the Nokia Steele watch with step and activity tracker when I go out dancing at night... it is much more fashionable.

Okay, so you get that we've also struggled with the dilemma...but here is the conclusion...we decided to let you be the one to decide when to wear which device. We think you are the best person to make those decisions.

To share your data, go into your HiT account and select a health parameter with the data you want to share. At the top of the health parameter is an icon that looks like and upload arrow, similar to this . Click the icon. Select the date range for the data you want to share and select with whom you want to share it. You can select as many HiT Team members as you like. Check Select All to share with all members on your team or check only one or two, etc.

If you don’t see the healthcare provider, coach or family member in your list, see "How do I add a healthcare provider, coach or family member so I can share my data?".

Whomever you shared with will see only the data you shared based on the date range you entered and the health parameter you selected. Their view of your data is much like your view. They have a table with rows containing only the data you shared.

To share your data with healthcare providers, coaches and/or family and friends:

  1. Open the left side menu by tapping on the arrow in the upper left corner of the home page.
  2. Select My HiT Team.
  3. Select Healthcare Providers or Coaches+Family, depending on which you want to add.
  4. Click the ADD icon at the top right of your view.
  5. Select from an enrolled Hit Provider in the drop down. Or
  6. Enter your provider's or coach/family member's information*.
  7. Click or tap SAVE.

* If your healthcare provider is not enrolled in HiT yet, enter the details about the healthcare provider and we’ll send them an invitation to setup an account. We cannot guarantee that your healthcare provider will take action on the invitation, but we’ll do our best to help them join your HiT Team so you can share your data in a HIPAA safe and secure super easy experience.

You can also contact us with the healthcare provider’s, coach's, or family/friend's name and email address and we’ll contact them on your behalf. However, we recommend you go through the Add a Provider or Add a Coach+Family to My HiT Team process first, so your provider or coach knows that a patient or client or family/friend of their's wants to use HiT to share data.

NOTE: For privacy, we do not include Coach and Family + Friends accounts in the HiT Enrolled list unless the person establishing the account requests being included. If you have been invited to share your data with a Coach or Family + Friends group see the account administrator for the correct email address to use when adding the group to your HiT Team.

The NPI (National Provider Identifier) is a unique 10-digit identification number issued to health care providers in the United States by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Since most every healthcare provider in the United States has an NPI, we use this number to verify that indeed the person with whom you are sharing your data is who they claim to be. Including the NPI helps us protect your privacy. If you choose to share your data with someone who does not have an NPI and they are classified as a healthcare provider, please contact us with the provider's first name, last name, credentials (MD, DO, PA, ND) or indicate the type of practitioner, for example Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner, etc.) email address and telephone number and we will assist the provider with enrollment in HiT.

This applies to heathcare providers within the United States of America. If your provider is outside of the United States, please review "I live outside of the United States. What is meant by physician registration number?"

If your live outside of the United States and your healthcare provider is also outside of the United States we require a physician registration number that is unique to your healthcare provider. Many countries assign healthcare providers a unique registration number that identifies the healthcare provider in that country's healthcare system. Where such a number exists, we use this to verify that the person with whom you are sharing your data is who they say they are. Our goal is to protect your privacy and the security of your data to the greatest extent possible. If you choose to share your data with someone who does not have an registration number assigned by their respective country of medical practice and they are classified as a healthcare provider, please contact us with the provider's first name, last name, credentials (MD, DO, PA, ND) or indicate the type of practitioner, for example Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner, etc.) email address and telephone number and we will assist the provider with enrollment in HiT.

This applies to healthcare providers outside of the United States of America. If your provider is in the United States, please review "What is an NPI and why do I have to include that when adding a healthcare provider to My HiT Team?"

When your healthcare provider, coach, or family member accepts your invitation you'll receive an email informing you that the person has accepted your invitation and is now on your HiT Team.

When a member of your HiT Team views your data you'll see the date and time they viewed it in your Shared Data table. To view this go to My Shared Data in the left side menu. Select the HiT Team member type, Healthcare Provider or Coach + Family. You may need to scroll to find the data you shared with the HiT Team member as all data shares are listed in chronological order. Also, if you shared your data with a healthcare provider in a group it is possible that a member of the group or the healthcare provider's staff have viewed your data and the healthcare provider has not yet seen it. We suggest that you follow-up directly with your healthcare provider's office if you are concerned about whether the provider has viewed your data or not.

Absolutely! You can click the Resend button next to the data you shared previously. You'll find this button by going to Account (in the upper right corner of your view), select My Shared Data. Scroll to find the data you shared previously and want to remind the HiT Team member about. Click the Resend button. This will send a reminder to the HiT Team member that you are sharing your data with them. Please be considerate about using this feature. Give the HiT Team member time to receive the email notification and access their HiT account. If you believe it has been too long and you've attempted to get their attention by resending and are still not getting a result, check the email address for the HiT Team member.

NOTE: Regardless of whether a HiT Team member receives an email notification, you're data share will appear on their dashboard. However, some healthcare providers have 100s of patients in their dashboard daily and your's may have slipped out of view. If you are concerned you may want to contact them directly.

Oops! You shared data you didn’t want to share or changed your mind? You can unshare your data by going to Account (in the upper right corner of your view) and selecting My Shared Data. Locate the row with the data you shared and now want to "unshare". Click on Cancel. This will remove your data from the HiT Team member's list of viewable data.


HiT Team members can add a comment to the data you shared with them. You can view the comment by going to My Shared Data in the left side menu. When a HiT Team member adds a comment you will see a green chevron, like this one, , on the same line as data you shared in the Shared Data report.

Click on the chevron to view the message. You can also respond to the message by clicking or tapping on New Message. I think it is important to note that, although your message can be seen by the person with whom you shared your data, if you shared with a healthcare provider and the healthcare provider is in a group medical practice, others may also be able to view your message.

Not directly from HiT. A HiT Team member can't email or share your data with anyone else directly from within HiT. If you shared your data with a healthcare provider and the healthcare provider is in a group practice it is possible for the provider to give permission to view your data to one of his or her partners in the practice.

Other than this, for someone else to share your data to someone outside of HiT, the person with whom you shared your data would need to print your data and send it as an attachment to someone else. So in this respect, yes it is possible. This is why we caution you to be careful with whom you add to your HiT Team. We cannot protect your data when you choose to add someone to your HiT Team that is not a verified enrolled member of HiT. When adding a coach or family member, please use caution with regard to adding a member to your HiT Team and with regard to the data you choose to share.

HiT is all about helping you live healthy, make healthy choices and, as a result, feel and look your best. HiT Score is designed to help you track your choices and rate how well your are doing in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Each time you record data in HiT we include that in determining your HiT Score.

The more data you enter into HiT, the more accurate your score. HiT will help you know if the choices you make each day are helping you or harming your health. Then you can use the knowledge you gain to make lifestyle changes, if needed.

HiT uses an algorithm that is derived from a variety of scientific measures proven to result in greater fitness, feelings of wellness, and reduced risk for disabling disease and illness which potentially squash your chances of longevity and long-term quality of life.

We won't reveal our algorithm, however, check out the info under "What Do I Have to Do to Get a High HiT Score?" We give you plenty of insight into the choices you'll want to make to move you closer to the highest possible HiT Score.

The number one way to get a high HiT Score is to enter all your data throughout the day. You get extra points for keeping yourself accountable. After that getting a high score is all about making healthy a lifestyle. Being active, choosing healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated are what matter most.

Other things that matter include your physical size. Maintaining a healthy body weight and body fat percentage count in your HiT Score too.

Your HiT Score is a snap shot of the progress you are making to acheive and maintain high-quality long-term health. To get the best HiT Score results it helps to keep the following things in mind.

  1. Enter accurate data and enter your data frequently during your "My HiT Score Day". Right after you do it, HiT it. Your HiT Score is only as accurate as the data you enter. The sooner you enter it after it happens the more accurate you'll be.
  2. Enter data for all the core health parameters: Activity, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, and Body Composition.
  3. Enter all your prescription medications and record when you take them. Adherence to prescription medication is an important factor in good long-term health.
  4. Enter your weight accurately in the body composition parameter. As you may suspect, your weight, body fat percentage and BMI make a difference.
  5. Eat a healthy balanced diet including lean protein, whole fruts and vegetables and whole grains and record all the food you eat.
  6. Make sure you get enough fiber in the foods you eat and watch your sodium intake. Most people need much more fiber and much less sodium in their foods.
  7. Eat only when you are hungry and be mindful of your mood. Make sure you record these accurately in HiT.
  8. Participate in and record activities such as strength and muscle enhancing activities, aerobic activities, and stretching activities such as yoga and general stretching.
  9. Drink plenty of water, non-alcohol beverages, and beverages low in sugar or sugar free.
  10. Get a healthy amount of sleep and record it in HiT. Not too much and not too little. Just the right amount.

Take the above hints to heart and your HiT Score will soar and your heart will thank you too.

REMINDER: Your HiT Score is calculated throughout the day and your final HiT Score for the day is totaled at mid-night. Make sure you enter all your data into the HiT app before midnight or it will NOT count in your HiT Score.

Of course you can, but why would you? Your HiT Score is only as accurate as the data you enter. Seeing a high score is great but if you fake the data, it means nothing for your health.

If you are capturing data from your fitness device using HiT, yes, your data are included in your HiT score. If your device is not connected to HiT, you can manually enter your health data into HiT so all your data can be evaluated.

To learn how to connect your Fitbit, Garmin, or Withings devices to your HiT account visit the FAQs section called "My Connections".

Yes and No. If you enter these data into HiT for these health parameters the data you entered will be included and evaluated in your HiT Score. If you don't enter any data in these health parameters in HiT they will have no affect on your HiT Score. Again, the more data you provide in HiT the more accurate your score.

Ah, of course you want to know the target. Makes total sense. Twenty-five! That's the highest possible HiT score. Warning!! It isn't easy. Don't be discouraged if you don't HiT 25. Strive to get a score of 18 or higher. A score above 18 means you are making healthy choices and improving your chances for healthy longevity.

So you realized that some data you enter can actually cause your HiT score to go negative on you. That's because some of the data you entered indicate you are making unhealthy choices and getting results that are actually harming your health.

We don't sugar coat things at HiT. Unhealthy choices have consequences. These include a BMI in an unhealthy range. Eating too much sodium or not enough fiber also can take points away from your other healthy choices. If you've enter prescription medications make sure you record when you take them in HiT or you may lose points.

Take a look at What Do I Have to Do to Get a High HiT score? to see what works in your favor and what works against you. Remember though, it only works in your favor if you are entering accurate data and the data truly reflect your daily choices.

My HiT Score is an algorithm, essentially a point system that grades what you are doing in your day based on the data you enter into HiT. We won't reveal our algorithm, but we will tell you that each health parameter in HiT is considered in the algorithm with the emphasis on the five parameters that everyone needs to consider in terms of their long-term health: activity, nutrition, hydration, sleep, and body composition.

HiT Score give more points for those things that have the greatest impact on your health both in the near-term (now) and the long-term (tomorrow). Hit Score also takes away points based on things you do that have been found to have a harmful effect on your health.

As far as the science behind My HiT Score, research and science based well documented findings were obtained from the the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, the National Institutes of Health, the New England Journal of Medicine, Harvard Health Review, and other widely respected and research based affiliations. We also based the algorithm on input from several healthcare professionals who specialize in cardiology, endocrinology, and internal medicine.

For a detailed list of studies, please contact us at and request our My HiT Score scientific support documentation.

As awesome as HiT Score is at identifying areas for improvement and pointing out risks for disease or illness in your future, Please, please, please do NOT use or in any way rely on your HiT Score or HiT reports to predict or diagnose a disease or illness.

Your HiT Score is a one-day snap shot of your day's activity. And although you use the HiT app on a daily basis to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, it is not a medical device nor are we at HiT medical experts.

Only a qualified healthcare provider can diagnose disease and illness and help you manage or treat a diagnosed illness. We DO recommend, however, that you share your HiT Score and other data collected in your HiT account with your healthcare provider and other healthcare professionals. In fact, HiT is an excellent tool for sharing important data that your doctor can use to help treat and manage your health. To learn more about data sharing using HiT review the "My HiT Team and Sharing Data" FAQ section.

Good news! You don't need to worry about renewing. Your account will auto-renew every month as long as your payment method is current or unless you decide to cancel it.

To change your payment method, login to your HiT account and go to My Subscriptions in the left side menu or go to HiT's Subscribers Portal

  1. Go to Payment Method
  2. Click or tap on Change
  3. Enter your new or updated payment method
  4. Click or tap Update

That's all there is to it. Your subscription will be charged to your new payment method.

To update your payment method, login to your HiT account and go to My Subscriptions in the left side menu or go to HiT Subscribers Portal

Because we don't know your card numbers or other details, you'll need to enter all of the credit card information even if you are using the same card with a new expiration date.

  1. Go to Payment Method
  2. Click or tap on Change
  3. Enter your card information
  4. Click or tap Update

That's all there is to it. Your subscription will continue with your updated card.

To cancel your subscription, login to your HiT account and go to My Subscriptions in the left side menu or go to HiT Subscribers Portal


You will continue to have access to your account until the end of your subscription period. After that time we will not charge your account.

NOTE: You have 14-days after your subscription ends to reconsider. At the end of 14-days, for security purposes, we shred your account registration information and all of your account data. Once your account and data have been shredded we cannot recover it.

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