About Us

Our Mission: "To empower every person in the world to make a difference in their health destiny."
Our Plan: "Inform, motivate, and inspire you and those you care about to make healthy a lifestyle."

Dea Crittenden
Founder and Programmer
Welcome to the about us page!

Here is where I get to introduce myself and share with you some of my back-story of why I decided to create Health info Tracker (HiT).

A long time ago, ...okay not too long ago, ...in a neighborhood in Midland, Michigan, there was a little girl enamored with cryptogram puzzles living amongst an extended family of loving peeps. Some of those peeps, however, were not taking good care of their health which was resulting in serious health issues. You get the picture?

My passion for living a healthy lifestyle was a result of observing those around me and by my facination with the amazing and beautiful human body. In my mind there is nothing more miraculous than the complexity of the human body. Which sadly, we take for granted everyday.

So how did this lead to HiT? Through the years we've seen many changes in our lifestyles and attitudes. The saddest change is the decline of our collective health because of the now wide-spread sedentary lifestyles and poor diets of the majority of people throughout my country, the United States of America, and sadly throughout other regions of the world.

The reality is, the human body needs proper care. Living healthy everyday means making the tough choices. Let's face it, nature in general is not in our favor. We see this everyday when we have to mow the lawn AGAIN, or do the laundry AGAIN, or fix a broken fence or patch a roof. Entropy is what happens when we don't do the daily chores AGAIN and AGAIN.

The same applies to our health. Yes, I must get on the treadmill or go for a walk around the block AGAIN, and yes, I must eat my vegetables today even though I ate vegetables yesterday. And yes, I must resist eating too much junk food AGAIN. Being healthy is not something that just happens. We have to make it happen. We must stay dedicated to the lifestyle and make the tough decisions everyday.

THIS is why I created HiT. Healthy is not a final destination. Healthy is a lifestyle. And HiT is exaclty the tool you can use to keep motivated and on track.

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