HiT for Family and Friends

Support Your Family and Friends in their Healthy Lifestyle.

There is just no better feeling than healthy! Except for receiving cheers from your family and friends.

With HiT Family + Friends you can provide remote support, anytime, from anywhere to your peeps. You see their progress and can share yours with them while providing plenty of encouragement. Share your progress from any of HiT's 8 wellness parameters. And send words of support with HiT Family + Friends in-app communication.

HiT Family + Friends is great for:
  • Pulling together a fitness group.
  • Sharing your running group's training progress.
  • Supporting each other's weight loss achievements.
  • Setting up accountability groups.
  • Helping a senior parent manage medication and other health needs.
  • And so many more ways to support each other.
Encouragement can go a long way with HiT Family + Friends.

Want to start a HiT Family + Friends group? It's simple and it is 100% free. Click the Create an Account button. Complete the form and submit. Then start adding members to your HiT Squad with HiT's simple invitation process.

For more information about HiT Family + Friends, send us a message using the Contact Us form below.

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