HiT for Healthcare

When your patients do the right things you want to encourage them.

Studies show that patient compliance improves with accountability and support. HiT's data sharing feature let's your patients share their progress. In the process you can interact with them and support their efforts.

Many of the patients you see are already engaging in home self-monitoring through the use of:
  • Activity Tracking Devices
  • Calorie Counting and Nutrition Apps
  • Sleep Tracking Fitness Bands
  • WiFi Enabled Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • And, WiFi and Bluetooth Enabled Glucose Monitors
Why not leverage their momentum to help them stay on track with their goals?

Becoming a HiT enrolled healthcare provider is simple. Click the Request Account button. Complete the form and submit. Our helpful staff will verify your healthcare practice details and get you enrolled promptly.

For more information about becoming a HiT enrolled healthcare provider or to arrange a demo, send us a message at dot@myhitapp.com.

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