HiT for Employee Wellness Programs

Encouraging your employees to make healthy a lifestyle is easy with HiT Wellness.

Your employees work hard. Sometimes they put work ahead of their health. Show them you appreciate their hard work, but want them to make their health a priority. After all when they make healthy a lifestyle everyone wins.

With HiT Wellness you can support their healthy choices anytime from anywhere. Because your employees can share their progress from any of HiT's 8 wellness parameters, you can stay connected to them, provide support and incentives.

HiT Wellness is great for:
  • Encouraging health promoting behaviors at work and off work.
  • Rewarding those employees that make healthy a lifestyle.
  • Helping your employees take control through accountability programs.
Your employees will thank you many times over when you give them the gift of support.

Want to set up a HiT employee wellness program***? It's simple and free. Click the Create an Account button. Complete the form and submit. You can start inviting your employees to add your wellness program to their HiT Team.

***For large or mutli-adminstrator programs, please contact us for assistance in setting up a program tailored to your company's needs and participant count.

For more information about HiT Wellness or to request a demo send us a message at dot@myhitapp.com.

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